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Feb 29 - 中文学校正常上课/Feb 29, CSCH School on Schedule
Hi All,

The situation in USA is changing rapidly. The school admin team is actively tracking updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. State Department and the North Carolina Division of Public Health.Right now, there are no confirmed cases in North Carolina.

Feb 29, Saturday, Chinese school is on schedule. In order to prevent from spreading the novel coronavirus, as well as the normal flu, the school administration decides to apply the following measures to incoming school days:

1. If a student or teacher has been returned from China, Japan, South Korea, Italia, singapore, or Iran in the recent two weeks, please do not come to the Chinese School. Also, if you have developed flu symptons, please seek help from health services immediately.

2. For people who have developed flu symptons, please do not come to the Chinese School. This will prevent from spreading the virus among others. Also a good rest can help you from recovering.

3. The school will supply hand sanitiser at the school entrance. Students who have not wash their before coming to the school should clean their hands before entering the classroom.

4. During class breaks, students should not chase each other, or engage other activities which may result body contacts.

5. If you notice any abnormal behavior, please contact the school admins




1. 学校师生如果在过去的14内从中国或其它疫区(例如韩国,日本,意大利,伊朗,新加坡等)旅行回美,如出现病征(如发热、四肢乏力、干咳) 请立即去医院治疗,无症状的请郑重考虑自我隔离居家观察两周。请不要来中文学校。

2. 有感冒症状的师生请不要来上中文学校。这样不但患者可以得到休息,早些康复,也可以避免互相传染。

3. 学校在入口处有两位志愿者为师生提供洗手液。没有洗手来学校的人员请在入口处用洗手液洗手。

4. 学生在休息时不要打闹,互相追逐, 避免身体接触的活动。



Posted on 02/27/2020 11:14 PM

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