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5/30 CSCH All classes on schedule (5月30日 中文学校正常网课)

COVID-19已在北卡州开始流行。截至今天(5/28)北卡已有25801例 COVID-19患者。 June 6 是CSCH的最后一次上课。

本周(5/30)我们继续使用Zoom meeting进行网络授课。请注意,如无另外通知,学校所有课程将继续使用上次的zoom id link。每位老师上周已把自己的ZOOM MEETING ID链接发电子邮件告诉大家。如有问题,请和老师联系。

如果哪位家长还不在老师的email list里,请尽快和老师联系。老师的联系方法可以在学校的网站上找到。(

Hi, All:

5/30 Saturday CSCH will continue to use zoom for online teaching.The zoom meeting link should be the same as last week, unless you receive a different link from your teacher. Students should click the meeting link to access the class.

6/6 is the last day for CSCH's 2020 Sring Semester.

If you have not received your meeting ID from your teacher(s), you need to contact your teacher as soon as possible. You can find teacher contact information from the school’s website (

If you can not attend the online class meeting due to technical reasons, or other reasons, please email your teacher. Your teacher will send you a copy of related class materials and you may complete the materials by yourself.


Jun Lang

CSCH Principal

Posted on 05/28/2020 11:59 PM

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