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Class Name:CSL intermediate Chinese as a Second Language
Class Room:120B
Class Time:2:00-3:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Age 9+
Textbook: 美洲华语 第二册 Meizhou Chinese, Level II
Class Goal:The Chinese as a Second Language Intermediate class is designed for children age 9+, who have basic knowledge of the Chinese language and cultural. The curriculum will continue its focus on daily usage of the language, and add more emphasis on reading and writing.
Teacher Name:Guo, Xinhua (Helen)
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-413-8738    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/09/2017 Yes
09/16/2017 Yes
09/23/2017 Yes
09/30/20171. Review the knowledge learned last week. 2.learn new characters and Pinyin. 3.Introduce chinese culture-moon festival.Yes
10/07/20171.Learn lesson two part 1,new characters and Pinyin. 2.introduce chinese culture-moon festival, Houyi and Change. Yes
10/14/20171.Learn lesson two part 2, new characters, Pinyin and sentence. 2.The Chinese vocabulary about Thanksgiving. 3.Prepare quiz about lesson 1 and lesson 2. Yes
10/21/2017 Yes
10/28/2017 Yes
11/04/2017 Yes
11/11/2017 Yes
11/18/2017 Yes
12/02/2017 Yes
12/09/2017 Yes
12/16/2017 Yes
No School: 11/25/2017(Thanksgiving)
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