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Class Name:Social Studies of China 中國文史研究101
Class Room:025
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Basic Chinese (简单中文听说), grade 3+
Textbook:No No
Class Goal: Class goal of Sketch:

This class targets students with Chinese heritage or interest. In this class, student will learn basic Chinese history, geography, culture, traditions and wisdom. The teacher will give lectures in English and Chinese with slides, videos, and songs about these topics. Students are encouraged to participate class discussions.

About the teacher:

Dr. Shugong Wang is a scientist of earth science and computer modeling in a top research agency. He studied geography and history when he was attending college and graduate school in China. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge of Chinese history, geography and culture with young generations, especially ones with Chinese heritage. He will volunteer to teach this class. 

The teacher doesn’t want to spend any time to enforce class order. Students, who do not follow class rules, are not welcome. 

Class rules:
Respect, Good Manner and On time.

Teacher Name:Wang, Shugong
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-590-9368    Email:
Parents Representative:No
Parents Representative Phone:No
Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/09/2017Class 1: Where is my hometown in China (我的家乡在中国什么地方). This lecture introduces basic China geography, such as provinces, dialects, local culture and foods. Yes
09/16/2017Class 2: Descendants of Dragon (龙的传人). This lecture introduces Chinese creation folk tales and dragons in Chinese mythology. Yes
09/23/2017Class 3: Chinese history 1 (中国历史-一). This lecture introduces Chinese history of Zhou dynasty including Spring and Autumn (春秋) and Warring States (战国). Historical figures, Jiang Ziya (姜子牙), Laozi (老子), Confucius (孔子) and Mencius (孟子) will be introduced in stories. Yes
09/30/2017Class 4: Chinese history 2 (中国历史-二). This lecture introduces Chinese history of Qin and Han dynasties. Historical figures Qin Shi Huang (秦始皇), Liu Bang (刘邦), Xiang Yu (项羽) and Han Xin (韩信) will be introduced in stories. Yes
10/07/2017Class 5: Chinese history 3 (中国历史-三). This lecture introduces Chinese history of the Three Kingdoms (三国). Historical figures Cao Cao (曹操), Liu Bei (刘备), Sun Quan (孙权), Zhuge Liang (诸葛亮), Zhou Yu (周瑜), Guan Yu (关羽), and Zhang Fei (张飞) will be introduced in stories. Yes
10/14/2017Class 6: Chinese history 4 (中国历史-四). This lecture introduces Chinese history of the Jin Dynasty (晋朝) and the Uprising of the Five Barbarians (五胡乱华) in northern China. Student will learn migrations of Han Chinese (汉族) and non-Han Chinese (胡人) during the time. Yes
10/21/2017 Class 7: Chinese history 5 (中国历史-五). This lecture introduces Chinese history of the Northern and Southern dynasties (南北朝). Buddhism religion (佛教) and Buddhism art (佛教经典) (e.g. Mogao Caves (莫高窟)) will be introduced. Yes
10/28/2017 Yes
11/04/2017 Yes
11/11/2017 Yes
11/18/2017 Yes
12/02/2017 Yes
12/09/2017 Yes
12/16/2017 Yes
No School: 11/25/2017(Thanksgiving)
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