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Class Name:Social Studies of China 中國文史研究101
Class Room:009
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Basic Chinese (简单中文听说), grade 3+
Textbook:No No
Class Goal: Class goal of Sketch:

This class targets students with Chinese heritage or interest. In this class, student will learn basic Chinese history, geography, culture, traditions and wisdom. The teacher will give lectures in English and Chinese with slides, videos, and songs about these topics. Students are encouraged to participate class discussions.

About the teacher:

Dr. Shugong Wang is a scientist of earth science and computer modeling in a top research agency. He studied geography and history when he was attending college and graduate school in China. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge of Chinese history, geography and culture with young generations, especially ones with Chinese heritage. He will volunteer to teach this class. 

The teacher doesn’t want to spend any time to enforce class order. Students, who do not follow class rules, are not welcome. 

Class rules:
Respect, Good Manner and On time.

Teacher Name:Wang, Shugong
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-590-9368    Email:
Parents Representative:No
Parents Representative Phone:No
Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/06/2018 Yes
01/13/2018 Yes
01/20/2018 Yes
01/27/2018 Yes
02/04/2018 Yes
02/10/2018 Yes
02/17/2018 Yes
02/24/2018 Yes
03/10/2018 Yes
03/17/2018 Yes
04/07/2018 Yes
04/14/2018 Yes
04/21/2018 Yes
04/28/2018 Yes
05/05/2018 Yes
05/12/2018 Yes
05/19/2018 Yes
06/02/2018 Yes
No School: 03/03/2018(Spring Festival performance),   03/24/2018(Spring break),   03/31/2018(Spring break),   05/26/2018(Memorial weekend)
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