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Class Name:Computer fundamental II 计算机基础 II
Class Room:119
Class Time:5:00-5:50 PM
Pre-requirement:No prerequisites are required by the class. However the preferred student grade is 5 and above
Class Goal:This is a computer introduction class for students that are interested in computer science or computer programming. The focus of the class is to help students understand the computer infrastructure and how the main components work such as cpu, memory and IO accessories. Some basic computer software concepts will be covered too such as basic data structures, state machine, compilation and program languages.
Teacher Name:Ding, Hui
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-265-3665    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/06/2018Introduction to the class. Computer in general.Yes
01/13/2018Basic structures of computer.Yes
01/20/2018Cpu and it’s functionsYes
01/27/2018Cpu and it’s functions second partYes
02/04/2018Memory and it’s functionsYes
02/10/2018Memory and it’s functions second partYes
02/17/2018Memory and it’s functions third partYes
02/24/2018IO accessories Yes
03/10/2018IO accessories second partYes
03/17/2018Computer software: os/kernelYes
04/07/2018Softerware: stack and executions Yes
04/14/2018Softerware: program languagesYes
04/21/2018Software: program languages second partYes
04/28/2018Software: basic data structuresYes
05/05/2018Network basics: protocolsYes
05/12/2018Network basics: tcp/ipYes
05/19/2018What computer cannot doYes
06/02/2018Review of the class. Final examYes
No School: 03/03/2018(Spring Festival performance),   03/24/2018(Spring break),   03/31/2018(Spring break),   05/26/2018(Memorial weekend)
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