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Class Name:American Mathematics Contest 10 数学竞赛AMC10
Class Room:122
Class Time:5:00-5:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Grade 8+
Class Goal:This class covers pre-algebra, geometry, algebra I & II, corresponds to the math courses in grades 8+. Problems from AMC10 will be used for class exercises and homework.
Teacher Name:He, Yunli
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 336-207-9575    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/08/2018Intro, brainstorm, plan & assignment Yes
09/15/2018cancelled due to hurricaneNo
09/22/20182009 AMC10Yes
09/29/20182010 AMC10Yes
10/06/20182011 AMC10Yes
10/27/2018Mid-Exam ReviewYes
11/03/20182012 AMC10Yes
11/10/20182013 AMC10Yes
11/17/20182014 AMC10Yes
12/01/2018Final ExamYes
12/08/2018Final Exam ReviewYes
12/15/2018Rewards/Next Semester/key math conceptsYes
No School: 10/20/2018(Fall Break - CSCH Pinic),   11/24/2018(Thanksgiving)
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