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Class Name:Chinese tutoring Bilingual Chinese Coach 双语辅导班
Class Room:007
Class Time:2:00-3:50 PM
Textbook:Meizhou Chinese 中文
Class Goal:This class is tailored to the students individual needs. The textbook is for your reference. You can bring your own materials you like. The teacher follow the students interest and teach at the students specific level. The purpose of this class aims at helping students to learn Chinese with the best possible results within the shortest possible time. The teacher is also good at teaching Chinese calligraphy. And he has all the four study treasures(ink stick, ink stone, brush and paper) ready for use in class.
Teacher Name:Zhu, Mancai 朱满才
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-597-9349    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/08/2018第一课 在中文学校Yes
09/15/2018阅读 中文学校真是好Yes
09/22/2018第二课 教室里Yes
09/29/2018阅读 我长大了Yes
10/06/2018第三课 放学了Yes
10/13/2018阅读 云云画画儿Yes
10/29/2018第四课 讲礼貌Yes
11/03/2018阅读 拍手歌 找朋友Yes
11/10/2018第五课 买东西Yes
11/17/2018阅读 加横歌Yes
12/01/2018第六课 我会做的事Yes
12/08/2018阅读 绕口令Yes
12/15/2018综合练习 考试Yes
No School: 10/20/2018(Fall Break - CSCH Pinic),   11/24/2018(Thanksgiving)
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