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Class Name:Intro. To Python Programming II Python 编程 II
Class Room:103
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Grade 4+
Textbook:Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming
Class Goal:

Introduction to Python Programming - Syllabus

The class focuses on foster programming interests for school age (9 yrs+) students. At the completion of this course, students are expected to write programming scripts for regular computation questions, drawing graphics, and developing basic classes.

- Teacher will teach basic concepts, technologies, common problems, and answer questions.

- Students need to come to each lecture session, and complete assigned programming exercises.

Also, in order to help students to ureinforce the programming skills learned in class, there will be quizzes, class projects and final exam.

Students may bring computers/laptops/tablets to the classroom. At the first class, students may need help from instructor to set up python programs on their laptops. 

Classroom rule:

Student should not play games, or any other applications which are not related to the course on laptops. Offenses will be reported to parents and the school administration.


(1) A student will get a course completion certificate if he/she  –

a.       Passing the class with a score higher than 60%

b.      Missing less than 4 lectures

(2)    A student will get a course completion certificate with an excellent remark if he/she

a.       Passing the class with a score higher than 75%

b.      Missing less than 3 lectures

(3)    A student will get a course completion certificate with an superior remark if he/she

a.       Passing the class with a score higher than 90%

b.      Missing less than 3 lectures


There will be 8 programming assignments (40% course grade), 4 quizzes (40% course), and final exam (20%). Please complete and submit your assignments to the instructor on or before the due days.




Week1 – Course introduction, computer set ups, calculations and variables, etc. (Chapter 1 and 2)

Week2 – Calculations and variables (Continue from week1), Strings, Lists, Tuples and Maps Chapter 3

Week 3 – Drawing with Turtles (Chapter 4), Asking Questions with IF and Else (Chapter 5)

Week 4 – Going Loopy (Chapter 6)

Week 5 – Functions and Modules (Chapter 7)

Week 6 – Classes and Objects (Chapter 8)

Week 7- Classes and Objects (Chapter 8)

Week 8 – Build-in functions (Chapter 9)

Week 9 – Useful Python Modules (Chapter 10)

Week 10 – Using Tkinter for better graphics (Chapter 12)

Week 11 – Review and Python Examples.

Week 12 – Final Exam

Week 13 - Final Exam Review

If you have special needs, please let CSCH know.


Teacher Name:Liang, Jun 梁军
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-636-5288    Email:
Parents Representative: 
Parents Representative Phone: 
Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/12/2019 Yes
01/26/2019 Yes
02/09/2019 Yes
02/16/2019 Yes
02/23/2019 Yes
03/02/2019 Yes
03/09/2019 Yes
03/16/2019 Yes
04/06/2019 Yes
04/13/2019 Yes
04/20/2019 Yes
04/27/2019 Yes
05/04/2019 Yes
05/11/2019 Yes
05/18/2019 Yes
06/01/2019 Yes
06/08/2019 Yes
No School: 01/19/2019(MLK Weekend),   02/02/2019(Chinese New Year Celebration Performance at ECHS),   03/23/2019(Spring break),   03/30/2019(Spring break),   05/25/2019(Memorial Day, Picnic, Camping)
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