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Class Name:SAT R&W Fundamentals SAT基础阅读写作
Class Room:109
Class Time:4:00-5:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Age 12+
Class Goal:This is a foundational course in English language and literacy. Student contributions, interests, and needs influence the lessons, so the course is somewhat different every semester. (Thus, you may take the course more than once; you may also join during either the spring or fall semester.) The course focuses on developing basic knowledge of and honing skills related to the four main strands of the English curriculum: grammar, vocabulary, fluent descriptive and argumentative writing, and reading comprehension. During a normal class, students should expect to increase their vocabulary by studying Greek, Latin, or Indo-European root words from which most of our English words have sprouted, practice SAT-style reading and grammar questions, write fluently to prompts, improve presentation skills by working cooperatively to teach vocabulary words encountered during independent reading, analyze and imitate sentence structures used by published authors, and practice specific grammar skills taught during the class. Topics covered in this course will act as a reinforcement of and supplement to what is already being learned in the classroom. Additionally, the skills developed in this course are among those tested on the SAT. Please visit the teacher's website:
Teacher Name:Holt, Kelli
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 510-305-8812    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/12/2019 Yes
01/26/2019 Yes
02/09/2019 Yes
02/16/2019 Yes
02/23/2019 Yes
03/02/2019 Yes
03/09/2019 Yes
03/16/2019 Yes
04/06/2019 Yes
04/13/2019 Yes
04/20/2019 Yes
04/27/2019 Yes
05/04/2019 Yes
05/11/2019 Yes
05/18/2019 Yes
06/01/2019 Yes
06/08/2019 Yes
No School: 01/19/2019(MLK Weekend),   02/02/2019(Chinese New Year Celebration Performance at ECHS),   03/23/2019(Spring break),   03/30/2019(Spring break),   05/25/2019(Memorial Day, Picnic, Camping)
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