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Class Name:Chinese Calligraphy and Painting I 中国书画 I
Class Room:020
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Textbook:prepare any calligraphy and painting books (entry level) based on your favorite I will copy some materials for everybody
Class Goal:Chinese calligraphy and painting class for the adults 成人中国书画班 The main content of the study of painting and calligraphy classes this semester: understanding the history of Chinese painting and calligraphy. The calligraphy class is familiar with the characteristics of Xiaozhuan's writing, the genre and writing features of the script. On the basis of familiarity with famous works, the Chinese painting class will mainly introduce the distribution of ink color, practice in classrooms, and master the effects of different brushwork colors.
Teacher Name:Zhou, Amy
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-564-8043    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/12/2019The first lesson: Introduce the class distribution of this lesson, and the key content to be taught in each lesson. Tools for learning Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting.Yes
01/26/2019Chinese Calligraphy The first lesson: Chinese Calligraphy History and Characteristics of Famous CalligraphersYes
02/09/2019The second lesson: This term describes the practice of going to Xiaozhuan and italics calligraphy characteristics Xiaozhuan Writing ExerciseYes
02/16/2019The third lesson: Practice to write Xiaozhuan calligraphy, master special character, solve the questions of students.Yes
02/23/2019The fourth lesson: About strokes Xiaozhuan special exercisesYes
03/02/2019The fifth lesson: Introduce the characteristics of the regular script and regular script of Chinese past dynasties famous works. And the basic practice.Yes
03/09/2019The sixth lesson: Liu Gongquan and Yan Zhenqing's calligraphy features and practice in class. Yes
03/16/2019The seventh lesson: Copy decomposition exercises, Ouyang Xun "nine palace monumentYes
04/06/2019The eighth lesson: Calligraphy practice of the script (select the practice script according to personal preference) and answer questions Yes
04/13/2019About typical questions Chinese painting The first lesson: Introducing the history of Chinese traditional painting and appreciation of famous paintings of the pastYes
04/20/2019The Second Lesson: Introduction and practice of Chinese painting techniques to be practiced this semester (hook line and render)Yes
04/27/2019The third lesson: Continue to practice hook lines and rendering, and try to draw fruits and vegetables (cabbage)Yes
05/04/2019The fourth lesson: Chinese painting technique and practice.About line drawing in traditional ink and brush.Yes
05/11/2019The fifth lesson: Line drawing techniques to study painting lotus, narcissus.Yes
05/18/2019The sixth lesson: Ink toning exercises, experience, and ink painting layering shades shape (practice drawing hedgehog)Yes
06/01/2019The seventh lesson: Continue to practice ink color, try Chinese painting techniques "splash ink" and "broken ink"Yes
06/08/2019The eighth lesson: "Broken ink" and "splash ink" method practice painting pine and lotus leavesYes
No School: 01/19/2019(MLK Weekend),   02/02/2019(Chinese New Year Celebration Performance at ECHS),   03/23/2019(Spring break),   03/30/2019(Spring break),   05/25/2019(Memorial Day, Picnic, Camping)
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