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Class Name:Chess for All 国际象棋
Class Room:121
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Class Goal:Checkmate Tournament Style Chess

I am the Chess Coach/Instructor at Smith MS, and also the Estes Hills Elementary Chess Coach. I just led them to win 10th place at the National Chess Tournament in Nashville. We also had a 10th place victory at the NC State Chess Tournament as well. And that this is the first year, Estes Hills Elementary is competing at States and Nationals and their school's first trophies.

I will help students with how to take chess notation, use a clock, and understand a basic to a medium level of chess strategies and tactics.

If you just want to have fun playing chess, or just want to get a little better, come and play chess and have fun.

Beginners welcome.

Teacher Name:Zeigler, Eric
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-949-8481    Email:
Parents Representative:none
Parents Representative Phone: 
Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/11/2020 Yes
02/01/2020 Yes
02/08/2020 Yes
02/15/2020 Yes
02/22/2020 Yes
02/29/2020 Yes
03/07/2020 Yes
03/14/2020 Yes
03/21/2020 Yes
03/28/2020 Yes
04/18/2020 Yes
04/25/2020 Yes
05/02/2020 Yes
05/09/2020 Yes
05/16/2020 Yes
05/30/2020 Yes
06/06/2020 Yes
No School: 01/18/2020(MLK Holiday Weekend),   01/25/2020(Chinese New Year Celebration Performance at ECHHS),   04/04/2020(Spring Break),   04/11/2020(Spring Break),   05/23/2020(Memorial Day Holiday Break, Picnic, Camping)
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