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Class Name:Intr to Web Programming 初级计算机网页编程
Class Room:235
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Grade 5+ (This is a one year course. The class in the fall semester is the prerequisite for the class in the spring semester)
Class Goal:This is the second semester of a one year course.

Fall semester, we will begin to learn the basic web programming skills HTML and CSS.

Spring semester, based on the HTML and CSS, we will continue to learn JavaScript, jQuery and etc.

- Teacher will teach the basic concepts, technologies, common problems, and answer questions.
- Students will develop programs to build web pages.

There will be homework, quizzes, exams, and projects. Please bring your own laptop with Windows system.

To learn the Javascript and jQuery in the Spring semester, student must take the HTML and CSS class in the Fall semester first.
Teacher Name:Chen, Wenli 陈文利
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-636-5288    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/12/2020 Yes
09/19/2020 Yes
09/26/2020 Yes
10/03/2020 Yes
10/10/2020 Yes
10/17/2020 Yes
10/24/2020 Yes
11/07/2020 Yes
11/14/2020 Yes
11/21/2020 Yes
12/05/2020 Yes
12/12/2020 Yes
12/19/2020 Yes
No School: 10/31/2020(Fall Break CSCH Celebration Party),   11/28/2020(Thanksgiving Holiday)
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