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Class Name:Fun drawing II 趣味绘画 II
Class Room:online
Class Time:5:00-5:50 PM
Class Goal:I have been teaching this class for four years and have many years of experiences in teaching fine art courses.This class is an introduction to the amazing world of art and kids will learn to unleash their creativity. Art will be hands on all the time. I will be teaching my students how to draw the basic subjects that will interest them while training their eyes and hands to express themselves with simple kids’ drawing. Through the course the kids will develop awareness to the principles of drawing (composition, balance, rhythm, contrast, etc.), What you will need: Pencils and erasers a box of oil pastels or crayons a drawing pad a sharpie
Teacher Name:Chen, Zheng 陈铮
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-923-2856    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/11/2021 Yes
09/18/2021 Yes
09/25/2021 Yes
10/02/2021 Yes
10/09/2021 Yes
10/16/2021 Yes
10/23/2021 Yes
11/06/2021 Yes
11/13/2021 Yes
11/20/2021 Yes
12/04/2021 Yes
12/11/2021 Yes
12/18/2021 Yes
No School: 10/30/2021(Fall Break),   11/27/2021(Thanksgiving Holiday)
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