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Class Name:CSL beginner Chinese as a Second Language
Class Room:online
Class Time:2:00-3:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Age 5+
Textbook:美洲华语 第一册 Mei Zhou Chinese I
Class Goal:The Chinese as a Second Language Beginner class is designed for children, adults alike who have limited to no experience with Chinese. The curriculum will focus on daily use of the language, and through stories, songs and games to teach students the fundamentals of Chinese language and Chinese culture. By the end of this course, students can understand Chinese daily conversation expressions and short questions about themselves. They also can have a short simple conversation in Chinese and recognize about 100 basic Chinese characters in this year.
Teacher Name:Shao, Bo (Wallace, alias Carolyn)
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-622-9301    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/08/2022小羊上山一级 5 我是?, 生字练习, 日常会话练习Yes
01/22/2022小羊上山一级 6 我爱问妈妈, 生字练习, 日常会话练习Yes
02/05/2022小羊上山一级 7 藏西瓜, 生字练习, 日常会话练习Yes
02/12/2022小羊上山一级 8 天啊,我的跳跳虫, 生字练习, 日常会话练习Yes
02/19/2022小羊上山一级 9 我吃,我吃,我吃吃吃, 生字练习, 日常会话练习Yes
02/26/2022小羊上山一级 10 七只小山羊, 生字练习, 日常会话练习Yes
03/05/2022小羊上山一级 1-5 复习, 生字复习, 日常会话练习Yes
03/12/2022小羊上山一级 6-10 复习, 生字复习, 日常会话练习Yes
03/19/2022小羊上山二级,1 小红帽 1, 生字练习, 日常会话练习Yes
04/09/2022小羊上山二级,1.小红帽 2, 生字练习, 日常会话练习Yes
04/16/2022这堂课4月2日补上了 (This class was made up by a class taught on 2 April 2022) 小羊上山二级,2 白云白云飞飞,生字练习, 日常会话练习Yes
04/23/2022小羊上山二级,3.小熊和妈妈, 生字练习, 日常会话练习 Yes
04/30/2022小羊上山二级,4. 大山下的小白马, 生字练习, 日常会话练习 Yes
05/07/2022小羊上山二级,5.小狗牙牙找蝴蝶,生字练习, 日常会话练习 Yes
05/14/2022小羊上山二级,6.月亮奶奶, 生字练习, 日常会话练习 Yes
05/21/2022小羊上山二级,7.小红门开开, 生字练习, 日常会话练习 Yes
06/04/2022小羊上山二级,8.跳跳虫哭了, 生字练习, 日常会话练习 Yes
No School: 01/15/2022(MLK Holiday Weekend),   01/29/2022(Chinese New Year Celebration),   03/26/2022(Spring Break),   04/02/2022(Spring Break),   05/28/2022(Memorial Day Weekend)
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