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CSCH Newsletter - 10/08 - Smith - Meet & Greet CHCCS CCO; PTA Fundraising Event; New PTA President; 朗诵比赛初赛
This week will be our fifth week of the Fall. 这个星期的课程将是我们秋季的第五周。

Please remember Go (WeiQi) is online on Friday 7:00 - 7:50 PM. 温馨提示: 我们的围棋课是网课, 每周五晚7-7:50.

All other classes will be in Smith Middle School this week. 所有其它课程都是实体课, 本周回归Smith中学。

1. 10/22 Chapel Hill Carrboro City School District Leaders Meet and Greet Parents at Chinese School at Chapel Hill

Join us to meet the leaders from the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School District (CHCCS) at the Chinese School at Chapel Hill (CSCH), 2PM on Oct 22. Andy Jenks, CHCCS Chief Communication Officer, will lead the presentation with members from the School Board. They will share district initiatives, strategic plans and opportunities for parent engagement.

If you are a student, parent or teacher of CHCCS please come and invite your Asian friends/neighbors. To help us better prepare for this opportunity, please sign up your attendance info and submit questions: https://forms.gle/F77QHTkjAUkM2FMMA

我们很荣幸地分享一个令人振奋的消息, 请您加入10 月 22 日下午 2 点在教堂山中文学校 (CSCH) 与教堂山 Carrboro 市学区 (CHCCS) 的领导会面。CHCCS 首席交流传播主席 Andy Jenks 将与学区教育局成员一起出席这个会议。他们将分享学区倡议、战略计划和家长参与的机会。

如果您是 CHCCS 的学生、家长或老师,请来邀请您的亚洲朋友/邻居。为了更好地准备这次机会,请注册您的出席计划并提交问题 https://forms.gle/F77QHTkjAUkM2FMMA

2. 10/22 PTA Fundraising Event - Taste of China in Smith

At 4PM Oct 22, CSCH will bring Taste of China to Smith Parking Lot. You will have a chance to enjoy Lamb skewers and Bubble Milk Tea. Pre-Order is available and please sign up https://forms.gle/UZendi8ZdcyA4Rg4A. More Details will be shared later and please watch this newsletter next few weeks. Note: NO FOOD Allowed in Smith Middle School.

10 月 22 日下午 4 点,CSCH 将把 Taste of China 带到史密斯停车场。您将有机会享用羊肉串和珍珠奶茶。预订登记在这里: https://forms.gle/UZendi8ZdcyA4Rg4A。更多详细信息将在稍后分享,请在接下来的几周内关注学校周信。注意:食物不允许带入史密斯中学。

3. New PTA President 新任家长教师协会主席

Thanks for years of contribution from CSCH PTA president, Piyou Zhang, who decided to move on his new endeavor and to continue supporting CSCH from a new angle. On behalf of the CSCH administration team and families, we sincerely hope this new opportunity will bring him to the new heights of success and prosperity.

Meanwhile, please allow me to introduce our NEW CSCH PTA president, Lucy Zhou, who is a long-time CSCH parent and has been actively supporting the admin team for several years. We sincerely appreciate her stepping up to take this pivotal role, and she has already brought out constructive suggestions and new ideas. On behalf of the CSCH administration team, we are excited for her to join the team and looking forward to working with her.

For all the teachers, parents and students, please welcome her and support her work. If you have any ideas/suggestions/feedback for PTA or school, please contact her at pta.president@csch-nc.org.

感谢CSCH PTA主席张丕友多年来的贡献,他决定去探讨新的领域,同时从新的角度支持CSCH. 我仅代表 CSCH 管理团队和家属,衷心希望这个新机会给他带来成功的新高度。

同时,也请允许我介绍一下我们新的 CSCH PTA 主席 Lucy Zhou。她是咱们学校的家长,多年来一直积极支持管理团队。衷心感谢她出任这一关键角色。她已经提出了建设性的建议和新的想法。我仅代表 CSCH 管理团队为她的加入而感到兴奋,并期待与她进一步深度合作。

借此机会也请所有的学生,家长和老师欢迎并支持她的工作。如果您对 PTA 或学校有任何想法/建议/反馈,请电邮pta.president@csch-nc.org 与她联系。

4. 教堂山中文学校第四届朗诵比赛 - 初赛作品提交

The recitation competition has always been a very popular event in our school. You may already be asking when to sign up. The preliminary round of the 4th Recitation Competition will kick off at Smith on the afternoon of November 5th during the Chinese class. Registration is for children enrolled in Chinese language classes at our Chinese school. Preliminary registration deadline is October 31st.

朗诵比赛一直以来是我们学校非常受欢迎的一个赛事。 可能您已经在问什么时候报名了吧。 第四届朗诵比赛初赛将于11月5日下午中文课的时间在Smith拉开序幕。 报名针对在中文学校注册中文课的孩子。初赛报名截止在10月31日。


5. Calling for Volunteers 请加入我们的义工团队

Whether you are simply interested in how our school runs or willing to help as little as you can or make new friends, please fill in this form (https://forms.gle/7w9uGvZWfUFNrLhK6). You will find so many opportunities to contribute, the most important is that WE NEED YOU, and you can make a difference to our school and this community. You are the model for your kids.

无论您只是对我们学校的运作方式感兴趣还是愿意提供一点点帮助, 或者只是想交新朋友,请填写此表格 (https://forms.gle/7w9uGvZWfUFNrLhK)。您会发现很多贡献的机会,最重要的是我们需要您,您可以为我们的学校和这个社区带来改变。您是您孩子的榜样。

6. Class Cancellation / Refund 课程取消/退款

By this time, if a certain class is canceled, you should’ve received an email from the director. Our registrar and directors are very busy, working on finalizing the registration, getting the check into the system. By now, your check has not been cashed yet if you submitted them recently. If you overpaid a class tuition or you have a refund in your account, by default, you have a credit in our system, there is no expiration date on the credit that can be used for future classes. If you do decide to cash it out, please contact our registrar, Jing Yan, who will send out the cash out info to our treasurer to have your check on its way. Since we are still working on getting the checks into the system, the admin team appreciates your patience and please give us some time.

到这个时候,如果某个课程被取消,您应该已经收到了教务主任的电子邮件。我们的注册师和教务主任非常忙碌,正在完成注册工作,将支票输入系统。到目前为止,如果您最近提交支票,您的支票尚未兑现。如果您多付了课程学费或您的帐户中有退款,默认情况下,您在我们的系统中有一个信用额度,信用额度没有到期日期, 可用于未来课程的费用。如果您决定兑现,请联系我们的注册师,闫静, 他们会将兑现信息发送给我们的财务主管,这样您的支票就会在接下来的时间寄出。由于我们仍在努力将支票纳入系统,因此管理团队感谢您的耐心等待,请给我们一些时间。

Newsletter 2022.10.08

10/22 Meet & Greet CHCCS CCO Andy Jenks

10/22 Taste of China Pre-Order Form

教堂山中文学校第四届朗诵比赛 - 初赛作品提交
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