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Reminder - Graduation Ceremony Tomorrow; Early Registration is due tomorrow.
Reminder - Graduation Ceremony tomorrow; Early Registration is due tomorrow.

星期六2-3点是学校的毕业典礼。AP班和10年级的同学将毕业离开学校。 我们还邀请了几位以前从中文学校毕业的同学给大家介绍中文学习对他们成长的影响 (大学,工作和生活),欢迎大家向他们提问题。

CSCH 2021 Graduation Ceremony 6/12/2021, 2PM-3PM.

Meeting ID: 892 280 8989

Passcode: 1s8Atb

Agenda of Graduation Ceremony:

2:00 PM School Administration Blessing

2:05 PM 10th Grade outstanding graduates speak

2:10 PM AP Class Performance

2:15 PM 10th Grade Performance

2:18 PM CSCH Graduates Experience Sharing

2:30 PM Q/A Session - Bring your questions to this session

2:50 PM Graduation class photography souvenir

受邀中文学校毕业生嘉宾 -

赵安娜 Anna Zhao, Princeton, 2008, NBA Orlando Magic team

夏雪婷 Michelle Xia

刘其知 Frances Liu, Wharton School of UPenn 2020

周爱伦 Dr. Allen Zhou, MD Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Medical School 2021. BS from Duke 2017. Currently Harvard Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery resident (住院医) at MEE/MGH (哈佛麻省总院)。
Summer Chinese Class Registration

Fall Class Registration
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