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10/29 NO CLASS/Chinese Puzzle Game/Recitation Signup 本周六没有课 - 中文猜字游戏 / 朗诵比赛报名
CSCH has NO class this week and everyone enjoys the weekend, fall color and coming Halloween.

1. 10/30 1PM - Chinese Puzzle Game

The game is free and open to public with the aim to enhance Chinese language and culture learning. Max number of contestants are 12. CSCH Students are given higher priority when more than 12 players are registered. This is a great opportunity to practice and learn Chinese, both for participants and spectators.

Chinese Puzzle Game is scheduled on Sunday 10/30, 1-3 pm. The registration link is https://forms.gle/rnCBiEGEMCteoGzr6

2. 10/31 Due - Preliminary Recitation Competition Signup

The preliminary round of the 4th Recitation Competition will kick off at Smith on the afternoon of November 5th during the Chinese class. Registration, due on Oct 31st, is for students enrolled in Chinese language classes. Please click https://bit.ly/3DBLY1F to signup.


CSCH 本周没有课. 请大家尽情享受这个周末的秋色和即将到来的万圣节。

1. 10/30 1PM - 中文猜字游戏

为了丰富和加强中文学习,教堂山中文学校(CSCH)准备在课外时间举办娱乐中文比赛。下一场比赛时间为10月30日, 星期日下午1:00-3:00。地点在 Room B, Chapel Hill Public Library. 这是个很有教育性和娱乐性的活动。参赛者和观众都能学到实用的中国文化和语言。游戏对外开放,但当报名人数多时 (最多12人), CSCH学生和家长有优先。参赛无需交费。报名截止为10月28日。


游戏定于 10/30 星期日下午 1-3 点。报名链接是 https://forms.gle/rnCBiEGEMCteoGzr6

2. 10/31 报名截止 - 教堂山中文学校第四届朗诵比赛 - 初赛作品提交

朗诵比赛一直以来是我们学校非常受欢迎的一个赛事。 可能您已经在问什么时候报名了吧。 第四届朗诵比赛初赛将于11月5日下午中文课的时间在Smith拉开序幕。 报名针对在中文学校注册中文课的孩子。初赛报名截止在10月31日。https://bit.ly/3TmJQAb
Newsletter 2022.10.29
Posted on 10/28/2022 09:42 PM

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