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2023 Fall Semester - Early Registration Jun 1 - Jun 21 2023 秋季学期 - 早注册 6 月 1 日 - 6 月 21 日
Early registration for 2023 Fall semester starts from June 1st, and ends on June 21st Mid Night. All early registration will be ONLY valid if payment is received on June 21st or earliest. This year we are going to accept the payment from Zelle or Check.

Pay By Check, please

1. mail the check along with signed signature page, the mail need stamped on or before Jun 21st.

2. If you would like to hand the check and the signed signature page to our admin team in school, June 3rd, our last class, will be the ONLY opportunity to submit them.

One Check per Student

Pay By Zelle: Treasurer@csch-nc.org

1. ENSURE student ID and FULL NAME in Zelle transaction message.

2. Sign the printed signature page, fill in the Zelle transaction ID in Check # area

3. hand the signed signature page to front desk on 6/3 or mail it or email the picture to registrar@csch-nc.org

One transaction per Student

2023 秋季学期早注册从 6 月 1 日开始,到 6 月 21 日午夜结束。只有在 6 月 21 日或之前收到付款的情况下,早注册才有效。今年我们将接受 Zelle 或 Check 的付款。


1. 将支票连同签名页邮寄,邮寄盖章需在 6 月 21 日或之前。

2. 如果您想将支票和签名页交给我们学校的管理团队,6 月 3 日,我们的最后一节课,将是唯一提交它们的机会。


Zelle 支付:Treasurer@csch-nc.org

1. 确保 Zelle 交易消息中包括学生 ID 和全名。


3. 6月3日将签名页交给前台或邮寄或将图片发邮件至registrar@csch-nc.org

Posted on 06/01/2023 12:16 AM

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