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2023 Spring Festival Gala 2023春节联欢会
This invitation is to ALL CSCH families. All students will get a surprise HongBao and a freebie. Here is our timeline in East Chapel Hill High on Jan 21

1PM - 3PM: Performance

3PM - 4PM: Fun & Games

4PM - 5PM: Delicious Food

5PM - 6PM: Clean up

Your time and effort are the keys to make the Spring Festival Gala celebration successful!

We need volunteers for adults, young adults (high schoolers can submit volunteer hours on letserve).

This event is the form of potluck while CSCH will prepare foods as well. We need and appreciate every family to bring a dish to this event. Please prepare your dish for the party size of 10 people. It’s time to show off your cooking skills.

Volunteer and Potluck Signup Link: https://bit.ly/3IKf8OU

此邀请面向所有 CSCH 家庭。所有学生都将获得惊喜红包和赠品。这是我们 1 月 21 日在东教堂山高中的时间表

下午 1 点至下午 3 点:文艺表演

下午 3 点至下午 4 点:趣味游戏

下午 4 点至下午 5 点:美食

下午 5 点 - 6 点:清理


我们需要成年人、年轻人的志愿者(高中生可以在 letserve 上提交志愿者时间)。

本次活动以聚餐的形式进行,CSCH也会准备食物。我们需要并感谢每个家庭为这次活动带来一道菜。请为 10 人的聚会准备菜肴。是时候展示你的厨艺了。

志愿者和 Potluck 注册链接:https://bit.ly/3IKf8OU
Posted on 01/13/2023 10:45 PM
2023 Spring Early Registration Starts s on Nov 30 / 2023春季注册开始了
Attention: 2023 Spring Early Registration starts today, Nov 30, ends on Dec 20. Early Registration will save $10 for one-hour class; $20 for two-hour class.

请大家注意: 2023春季早注册今天(11月30日)开始, 12月20日周二晚截止。 早注册可以节省学费(10美元一小时课, 20美元两小时课).
Posted on 11/30/2022 09:15 AM

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