School Policy

(Draft based on discussion on November 8, 2003)

    1. Nondiscrimination

The Chinese School at Chapel Hill (CSCH) is a nonprofit educational organization. It promotes Chinese language literacy and culture exchange for enriching cultural diversity in our community. It does not discriminate anyone based on the race, color, nationality and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies and programs.

    1. Admission

Students must meet one of the following requirements to be eligible for admission:

a. has been admitted to public school or a private school at time of registration. A school admission letter can be used as evidence of the enrolment to the school.

b. must be at least 4 years old on or before August 31 for the fall semester of the school year.

In addition to the prior requirement, new students are also assessed for their Chinese language levels, which could include a test using the end of school year exam of the immediate lower grade. For example, students seeking admission to second grade could be tested using the first grade end of year exam. However the 1st grader can waive the assessment test.

When there is a limitation on registration for activity classes, a child's name can be put on a waiting list. The waiting list is based on the first-come-first-served order.

    1. Tuition and fees

School tuitions for Chinese and activity class will be determined by the CSCH school board on a semester basis. The tuition covers teacherís compensations and school operating costs. The fees are for books and other expenditures including activities. The tuition should be paid at the time of registration. Early registration is highly recommended. Late fee of $10 or $5 in addition to tuition will be assessed due to late registration on Chinese class or activity classes. Book fees are expected to be received before the books are ordered.

    1. Tuition Refund

The Chinese School allows withdraw classes only during the first 2 weeks of each semester and the tuition can be 100% refunded 4 days (Typically a Wednesday) before the third class of each semester. No refund will be issued after the 100% refund day. For details, please visit school registration website -,40,41&MenuTitle=Registration

New students registered after 8 weeks of school will pay only 50% of the tuition.

    1. Class size

Depending on the size of the enrollment, there could be more than one class for each grade of Chinese Language Classes. It will be divided into two classes if the enrolment is over 18 students for prek, k and 1st year of Chinese language class or 22 students for other grades.

For activity class, there is a minimum requirement of 8 students to start a class.