Consent Agreement to the Student Rules of Chinese School at Chapel Hill


Chinese School at Chapel Hill provides unique Chinese culture learning opportunity to anyone who voluntarily attends the school. In order to maintain high ethical standards and to create a productive, safe learning environment, the following student rules will be, upon agreed by students and parents/guardians, strictly enforced by teachers and school officials. All potential students and their parents/guardians will be required to understand and sign the following consent agreement at registration.

I. School Expectations

  1. Greeting teachers and fellow students upon arriving school.
  2. Arrive to class prepared. Bring all required books and stationery.
  3. Teacher assigns your seat. Be in your chair when class begins.
  4. Pay attention during class discussion. Raise your hand to speak and speak only when called upon.
  5. When given time to work in class you must be on task.
  6. Wait for permission to leave. You must be in your chair all time until dismissed by a teacher.
  7. Take notes to record homework items before leaving.
  8. Clean up trashes before leaving.
  9. Say good-byes to teachers and fellow students before leaving.
  10. Study Chinese at home and finish homework on time.

II. Forbidden Behaviors

  1. Disrupt class and learning climate.
  2. Disobey teachers, school officials, and volunteers who are helping school officials.
  3. Intimidation, harassment, and physical/verbal abuse to others.
  4. Cheating in homework, quizzes and examinations.
  5. Moving, modifying, or damaging school properties.
  6. Possession/using dangerous articles or toys irrelevant to school programs.
  7. Using other personís properties without asking.
  8. Running, chasing, climbing, shouting, pushing, and fighting inside of building.
  9. Eating food during class.
  10. All cell phones/iPads should be turned off in classes.
  11. Vandalism.

III. Addtional Rules for kids soccer class

  1. Trash talk is not allowed with no-taunting rules during the practice/game. Each violation may result a time-out.
  2. Any kind of bullying behavior or fighting is strictly forbidden .

IV. Consequences

Each violation to the Forbidden Behaviors may result in a formal warning from the school. After giving two warnings to an individual student, the school reserves the right to expel the student from the school without refund of tuition:

V. Notes

  1. Recess will be held in the courtyard of the School. Each child is free to play games or talk with friends, but because other students may also be working in the building, no loud screaming or running can be permitted.
  2. Parents are encouraged to have children go out and run around before coming to school, so as to burn off some extra energy before class.


I fully understand and willing to honor above student rules. Signature: _________________Date _______


I fully understand and have explained the student rules to the above student. I agree to assure above

student to honor these rules. Signature: ____________________________ Date ____________________