School Organizations (Draft)


Board of Directors

Reviewing and supervising all-important school issues such as policies, rules, expenses, rewards, and directions etc. and raising funds.


PTA President, Vice-President and Director of Public Affairs

Raising funds, organizing school activities such as school-wide parties, seminars, parents on duty, classroom parents etc. making parent rule and student rule, collecting and organizing school-wide concerns & suggestions to present to school board, keeping communication between parents and school staffs to improve school administration. 


Principal & Vice-Principal, Principal Assistant

Planning school year schedules & activities, hiring teachers, making school announcements, and raising funds etc.


Academic Director, Associate Academic Director, Academic Director Assistant

Hiring Chinese language teachers, ordering and distributing Chinese books, counseling for teaching resources and teaching syllabus, evaluating and admitting new students to equivalent Chinese classrooms, over viewing tests, organizing teacher workshops, filing exam samples and student grades, and making teacher rules.


Activity Director, Associate Activity Director

Organizing activity classes, working with PTA for school activities.



Organizing school budget, authorizing paychecks to teachers, making expense reports, and raising funds (donation and united way) etc.



Assist the school administration team.



Updating registration forms, activity classes, student list, e-mail list and school directory etc.



Teaching classes, making teaching syllabus and homework sheets, assigning assistant teachers’, classroom parents’ and cleaning classroom lists, and updating student list etc.



Checking in and out tapes and books.



Updating school lists and events on Website, and giving technical supports for maintaining web page etc.


Student Government Guidant

Supervising and counseling Student Government Council.


Student Government Council (SGC)


Organizing all SGC activities and keeping on duty safety and health representative’s schedules                   


Coordinate/assist SGC president to organize all SGC activities and keep on duty safety and health representative’s schedules

Safety representatives:

Take turns class-by-class, watch for Chinese school-wide safety during class break (hallway, playground etc)

 Health representatives:

Take turns class-by-class, watch for Chinese school-wide environmental health (hallway, playground

 and bathrooms)

Academic representatives:

               Organizing school-wide student academic competitions and talent shows (public speech, writing, writers etc)


               Report school-wide activities

Sports & Arts representatives:

              Organizing school-wide parties, games and family campout.