1. I don't remember my password, please send it to me.

On "CSCH Member Logon" page, please enter your email address, and then click on "Request Password" link to get your initial password. The system will send the password to you by email immediately. If you click on "Request Password", and you don't get any response, the your computer system is not supported by CSCH web site. You can try it in different computer or download and install latest IE or Netscape browser.

2. The password received from email does not work.

Double check the password you entered. The 5-digit, system generated password should always work. Please note that letter "O" looks like number "0", letter "l" looks like number "1". You do not have to type the password, you can copy and paste the password.

3. I made a mistake in the online registration, can you change .... for me?

Select the Current Student option, logon with your email address and password, select the kid's name, change whatever you want to change, finish the rest of the registration. You can change Chinese Language class or activity class if you wish.

4. After I logon, I do not see my child listed under the email account I logged on?

Child(ren) List is linked by father's or mother's email. The email address you logged on may not link to your child anymore. You can have your spouse try his/her email. For this reason, it is strongly recommanded that you should enter two email contact for your kid.

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