CSCH Online Registration Guide for Year 2003-2004 Spring Semester



1. Click on "Find out Which Email Is Linked to Your Child's Record"

Figure 1


2. Search your child's name and find the email address you entered for your child

Figure 2


3. Logon with father's or mother's email address.    If you forgot your password, click on "Request Password" from Figure 1.   You should receive a screen like this, then you should logon into your email application to get the password.


4. If the "Request Password" does not work, you can request the password from following screen: (click on here as indicated on screen.)


5. Do not register as New Student unless your child is a new student.   There is one-time process fee for each new student name.   In addition, you will not be able to register class as new student - after you registered the name, you must logon using the email address you entered to register classes.


6. What if you keep getting "Invalid Email Address or Password." Message when logon.   Double check the password you entered.  Please pay special attention to letter "o" vs number "0", or letter "l" vs number "1", and so on.


7. Click on "Student Name" from following screen to register class:


8. This is student detail screen.


9. You must update your child's contact information first.  CSCH Teachers and Administions, please make sure to select your name from "I am CSCH Teacher" or "I am CSCH Admin" drop down menu.


When you update the contact information for the first time, a survey screen will popup, please take a few minutes to finish the survey.


10. Click on "Registration" tab to register the classes.   When the enrollment for activity class is full, you will not see it from the "Register/Change" drop down menu.  After you register for the class, you should sign up for "Parent-on-duty".  Please check the requirement for the activity class before you register.    Please be aware that the school's policy states, there is no refund for activity class after the class started.




11. Click on "Signature Page" tab to print your "Registration Signature Page".    You should make sure the classes you registered are listed under "Payment Type/Description/Amount" table.