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Class Name:Soft Skills for Adults 软实力修炼:健全的心志,快乐的人生 (成人班)
Class Room:427
Class Time:5:00-5:50 PM
Class Goal:Dr. Plesec (retired psychology) and Nurse Jan Maren lead the class.
人的一切烦恼都来自于人际关系. All troubles come from relationships with others and yourself. Dr. Plesec is a retired Psychologist, who has more than 30 years of clinical experience. Nurse Practitioner Jan Maran has diverse experience including mental health and primary care. Michelle Fu has a Ph.D. in Physics and over 20 years of experience in the IT field with special experience working with people. They will present a Soft Skills class. The curriculum is informative, challenging, and fun covering topics relevant to getting along socially. The class is helpful in confronting issues that occur when Eastern values meet Western values, particularly in the school setting. Each class begins with “ice breakers” which help students to warm up to the group activity. Instructional material is drawn from multiple sources and includes the concepts of Cultivating your Personal Bank Account, Cultivating your Relationship Bank account, using the Sandwich Technique in giving feedback, learning the value of empathy and how to demonstrate it socially. Students get a chance to practice skills taught in class, through role-playing, gaming, and participating in class discussion. Students will be expected to do out of class work to fully acquire the skills emphasized. Testimonies from the students and parents in the class. One student, who’s family moved into the area 2 years ago, attended the class with the question of “how to make friends.” They have made multiple friends and are more comfortable starting a conversation. One mom wrote to me: “Thanks a lot for the dedication and love you, Dr. Plesec, and Jan put into the class! I think the skills you taught in the class will benefit the students for their lifetime. The class teaches students how to manage emotions and relationships, help and ask for help, express positive feelings and deal with uncomfortable situations. These are critical skills which will help people sail through their good and bad time. I wish I could have taken such a class when I was young. Thank you!” One dad shared the story of his child’s development in understanding his and other’s emotions when he recalled how they had properly apologized after getting in a fight with their mother. After one dad observed the class, he understood more about ABCs (American Born Chinese) who grew up in American culture and appreciated the diverse values that Dr. Plesec and Nurse Jan brought to our Chinese community. Parents are welcome to the class.

Teacher Name:Fu, Yi, Maran, Janet/ Plesec Tom 傅易
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 702-401-8225 (text during the day, it is OK to call me at night)    Email:
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01/09/2021 Yes
01/23/2021 Yes
01/30/2021 Yes
02/06/2021 Yes
02/20/2021 Yes
02/27/2021 Yes
03/06/2021 Yes
03/13/2021 Yes
03/20/2021 Yes
04/10/2021 Yes
04/17/2021 Yes
04/24/2021 Yes
05/01/2021 Yes
05/08/2021 Yes
05/15/2021 Yes
05/22/2021 Yes
06/05/2021 Yes
No School: 01/16/2021(MLK Holiday Weekend),   02/13/2021(Chinese New Year Celebration),   03/27/2021(Spring Break),   04/03/2021(Spring Break),   05/29/2021(Memorial Day Weekend)
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