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Class Name:Go (Weiqi) 围棋
Class Room:online
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Pre-requirement:6 and up
Class Goal:This class introduces basic rules, techniques and strategies for beginners of Go. After talking about basic rules, the 9*9 board will be used for games and some problems (capturing techniques, life and death problems) will be provided. The students are expected to be able to finish a 19*19 board game at the end of the semester. Moreover, this class aims to stimulate students' interests in the game of Go as well as the ability of reasoning. About the teacher: I learned the game of Go for four years as an elementary school student. I am a 5 dan player in China and a 7.6d player in the US. After I came to North Carolina, I won two Go tournament titles in North Carolina. Reasons for playing Go: The game of Go incorporates various important abilities in one single game. To face a board and play Go is exactly like to face the future and live on our life. To play Go well, players need to be aware of the whole board instead of focusing on any local area of the board. Players need to think logically and anticipate the opponent's moves; this ability of reasoning is crucial in our life. Players need to face numerous wins and losses; this makes them a stronger mind. Players need to do game reviews and find mistakes; this is like what everyone tries to do well. Players need to know how to compute liberties and points in a game; this is vital in developing basic mathematical skills. Besides all kinds of advantages, as a current game with the longest history, Go is really a FUN game! Players of any age or any level can enjoy this amazing black and white world.
Teacher Name:Kuang, Jeff
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-324-2695    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/11/2021 Yes
09/18/2021 Yes
09/25/2021 Yes
10/02/2021 Yes
10/09/2021 Yes
10/16/2021 Yes
10/23/2021 Yes
11/07/2021 Yes
11/13/2021 Yes
11/20/2021 Yes
12/04/2021 Yes
12/11/2021 Yes
12/18/2021 Yes
No School: 10/30/2021(Fall Break),   11/27/2021(Thanksgiving Holiday)
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