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Class Name:AI Coding - Scratch 人工智能编程 - Scratch
Class Room:online
Class Time:5:00-5:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Age >= 7 yr
Textbook:. .
Class Goal:This class is all about project-based activities. Students will systematically learn to program in Scratch while exploring storytelling techniques, building fun games and crafting interesting presentations. The projects will showcase their creativity with the aid of coding and digital designs. The first class is a demo class. Every student and parents are welcome to join. Class size will be small (3-8) to ensure students’ attention and class quality.
Teacher Name:Wang, Amy
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/08/2022Demo ClassYes
01/22/2022Introduction to Machine LearningYes
02/05/2022 Yes
02/12/2022 Yes
02/19/2022 Yes
02/26/2022Image RecognitionYes
03/05/2022 Yes
03/12/2022 Yes
03/19/2022 Yes
04/09/2022Natural Language ProcessingYes
04/16/2022 Yes
04/23/2022 Yes
04/30/2022 Yes
05/07/2022Sentiment AnalysisYes
05/14/2022 Yes
05/21/2022 Yes
06/04/2022 Yes
No School: 01/15/2022(MLK Holiday Weekend),   01/29/2022(Chinese New Year Celebration),   03/26/2022(Spring Break),   04/02/2022(Spring Break),   05/28/2022(Memorial Day Weekend)
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