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Class Name:Computer Graphic Design 电子绘画与设计
Class Room:online
Class Time:Friday 7:00-7:50 PM
Textbook:🖥Ipad+✏️Ipencil/stylus pen for Ipad; 🅰️App:Sketchbook
Class Goal:【电子绘画与设计】课程专为直指创意绘画与设计开设,电子手绘在传统绘画媒介的基础之上更添自信,乐趣与创意。 在移动时代... 让爱画画的孩子充分利用新技术,得到一种随身便携、低成本并且能够迅速分享的绘画新方式。 让对画画还在探索摸索期的孩子,体会到绘画的乐趣与捷径,用更简单更直接的学习方式沉浸于电子绘画的趣味之中。 让孩子们对绘画的爱好与感受更加顺应时代潮流焕发新生。 The course is designed for direct-point creative drawing and design with Ipad and Ipencil. Adds confidence, fun and creativity on the basis of traditional drawing media.
Teacher Name:T, T
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-389-8824    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/10/2022 Yes
09/17/2022 Yes
09/24/2022 Yes
10/01/2022 Yes
10/08/2022 Yes
10/15/2022 Yes
10/22/2022 Yes
11/05/2022 Yes
11/12/2022 Yes
11/19/2022 Yes
12/03/2022 Yes
12/10/2022 Yes
12/17/2022 Yes
No School: 10/29/2022(Fall Break - CSCH Activity),   11/26/2022(Thanksgiving Holiday)
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