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Class Name:CSL advanced CSL 中级
Class Room:classroom
Class Time:2:00-3:50 PM
Textbook: 美洲华语 Meizhou Chinese, Book IV
Class Goal: Chinese as a Second Language aims at enhancing learners communicative skills through comprehensive training in listening, speaking, reading,writing and translating. The textbook is scientific, feasible and interesting.It covers a variety of subjects on culture, history, science, society, literature, fables, idioms, customs ,festivals and daily life. The experienced teacher Hongping Xiang's teaching career spans half a century. She has taught English and Chinese at different levels from high school to college and is well published in the field of writing. Google the teacher's name 项宏萍 Hongping Xiang and you can find information about her. 对外汉语旨在通过听说读写译培养学生的交际能力。 教材富有科学性,实用性和趣味性。涵盖了人文,历史,科学,社会,文学,寓言,成语故事,民俗节日和日常生活等。 本科授课老师是资深教师项宏萍。她的教学生涯跨半个世纪。她有中学和大学的教学经验并出版了很多有关写作的书。搜索Google项宏萍就可以查到该老师的信息。
Teacher Name:TBD, TBD
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/10/2022 Yes
09/17/2022 Yes
09/24/2022 Yes
10/01/2022 Yes
10/08/2022 Yes
10/15/2022 Yes
10/22/2022 Yes
11/05/2022 Yes
11/12/2022 Yes
11/19/2022 Yes
12/03/2022 Yes
12/10/2022 Yes
12/17/2022 Yes
No School: 10/29/2022(Fall Break - CSCH Activity),   11/26/2022(Thanksgiving Holiday)
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