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Class Name:Intro. To Python Programming Python 编程
Class Room:509
Class Time:5:00-5:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Grade 4+
Textbook:No Textbook required. Students will complete some fun game/math projects
Class Goal:Python programming I is for students who have no or little programming experiences. In the Fall Semester, we will introduce basic programing concepts using python as the major scripting language. Students will need to bring a fully charged windows computer to the classroom. Please download the latest python app (IDLE) from the official website - During class time, students are expected to participate in discussions and programming exercises. Video games and social media apps are prohibited during class time. Violations will be reported to school admins and also shared with parents. Students with multiple offenses (3+) will be removed from this class. In the coming spring semester, we will continue to program more with games and more advance programming concepts, such as class and objects. Students will need to access google classroom to download lecture notes, homework assignments, and complete quizzes and exams.
Teacher Name:Liang, Jun 梁军
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-636-5288    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/10/2022 Yes
09/17/2022 Yes
09/24/2022 Yes
10/01/2022 Yes
10/08/2022 Yes
10/15/2022 Yes
10/22/2022 Yes
11/05/2022 Yes
11/12/2022 Yes
11/19/2022 Yes
12/03/2022 Yes
12/10/2022 Yes
12/17/2022 Yes
No School: 10/29/2022(Fall Break - CSCH Activity),   11/26/2022(Thanksgiving Holiday)
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