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Class Name:Chinese Calligraphy and Painting I 中国书画 I (成人班)
Class Room:523
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Textbook:prepare any calligraphy and painting books (entry level) based on your favorite I will copy some materials for everybody
Class Goal:Chinese calligraphy and painting class for the adults 成人中国书画班 2023春季学期中国书画成人班,本期课程在之前学习书法和绘画的基础上,进一步学习山水画的布局,梅兰竹菊画法,点景人物画法,仕女图画法。另开5-6节书法回顾课。 2023 Spring Semester Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Class for Adults. Based on the previous learning of calligraphy and painting, this course will further study the layout of landscape painting, the painting method of plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum, the painting method of dotted figures, and the painting method of ladies. And set up 5-6 calligraphy review classes.
Teacher Name:Zhou, Amy
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-564-8043    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/07/2023中国书画进阶 山河依旧 皴擦回顾Yes
01/28/2023中国书画进阶 山河依旧 空谷幽兰1Yes
02/04/2023中国书画进阶 山河依旧 空谷幽兰2Yes
02/11/2023中国书画进阶 岁时清供与提款 有关书法1Yes
02/18/2023中国书画进阶 岁时清供与提款 有关书法2 Yes
02/25/2023中国书画进阶 枝头春意闹1 Yes
03/04/2023中国书画进阶 枝头春意闹2Yes
03/11/2023中国书画进阶 春江水暖 1Yes
03/18/2023中国书画进阶 春江水暖 2Yes
03/25/2023中国书画进阶 汉宫春晓 人物技法1Yes
04/15/2023中国书画进阶 汉宫春晓 人物技法2Yes
04/22/2023中国书画进阶 汉宫春晓 人物技法3Yes
04/29/2023中国书画进阶 汉宫春晓 人物技法4Yes
05/06/2023中国书画进阶 汉宫春晓 书法那些事1Yes
05/13/2023中国书画进阶 汉宫春晓 书法那些事2Yes
05/20/2023中国书画进阶 汉宫春晓 《捣练图》精讲1Yes
06/03/2023中国书画进阶 汉宫春晓 《捣练图》精讲2及期末总结Yes
No School: 01/14/2023(MLK Honliday 马丁路德节日),   01/21/2023(学校春节汇报演出),   04/01/2023(Spring Break),   04/08/2023(Spring Break),   05/27/2023(Memorial Holiday)
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