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Class Name:CSL advanced CSL 中级
Class Room:130
Class Time:2:00-3:50 PM
Textbook:美洲华语 Meizhou Chinese, Book III
Class Goal:Chinese as a Second Language aims at enhancing learners communicative skills through comprehensive training in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating. The textbook is scientific, feasible and interesting. It covers a variety of subjects on culture, history, science, society, literature, fables, idioms, customs ,festivals and daily life. Qinghua Li has a MD and MS degree. She used to teach Chinese to American and Swede. 对外汉语旨在通过听说读写译培养学生的交际能力。 教材富有科学性,实用性和趣味性。涵盖了人文,历史,科学,社会,文学,寓言,成语故事,民俗节日和日常生活等。 授课老师李清华,她曾给美国人和瑞典人讲授汉语课。
Teacher Name:Li, Qinghua 李清华
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/07/2023 Yes
01/28/2023 Yes
02/04/2023 Yes
02/11/2023 Yes
02/18/2023 Yes
02/25/2023 Yes
03/04/2023 Yes
03/11/2023 Yes
03/18/2023 Yes
03/25/2023 Yes
04/15/2023 Yes
04/22/2023 Yes
04/29/2023 Yes
05/06/2023 Yes
05/13/2023 Yes
05/20/2023 Yes
06/03/2023 Yes
No School: 01/14/2023(MLK Honliday 马丁路德节日),   01/21/2023(学校春节汇报演出),   04/01/2023(Spring Break),   04/08/2023(Spring Break),   05/27/2023(Memorial Holiday)
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