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Class Name:"Happy Feet" Shuffle Dance 曳步舞
Class Room:Center Hallway
Class Time:5:00-5:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Age 8-60, be able to follow instructions, meet health and fitness requirements to handle moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for 45min
Class Goal:曳步舞起源于澳大利亚默尔本,是一种强节奏的力量型舞蹈。步法炫酷但有规律,上肢放松表达自然。活力动感、朝气蓬勃 的舞蹈深受年轻人喜爱( ,成为一种社交场合重要技能。 训练曳步舞能帮助老年人锻炼心肺功能和训练脚部力量和灵活性( )。同时 也是父母子女可以互动参与的娱乐项目 (, 欢迎热爱运动和集体舞蹈的男女老少参加。Students in this class will participate in group dance activities and performances in cultural events around the Triangle area
Teacher Name:Zhu, Ying
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-749-9868    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/07/2023 Yes
01/28/2023 Yes
02/04/2023 Yes
02/11/2023 Yes
02/18/2023 Yes
02/25/2023 Yes
03/04/2023 Yes
03/11/2023 Yes
03/18/2023 Yes
03/25/2023 Yes
04/15/2023 Yes
04/22/2023 Yes
04/29/2023 Yes
05/06/2023 Yes
05/13/2023 Yes
05/20/2023 Yes
06/03/2023 Yes
No School: 01/14/2023(MLK Honliday 马丁路德节日),   01/21/2023(学校春节汇报演出),   04/01/2023(Spring Break),   04/08/2023(Spring Break),   05/27/2023(Memorial Holiday)
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