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Class Name:AP Chinese AP 中文
Class Room:523
Class Time:2:00-3:50 PM
Textbook:收获 &《AP 中文综合测试 - 网络版》
Class Goal:SAT & AP Chinese 强化同学们的听说读写能力,鼓励同学们用中文来表达自己的看法、意见。 加强学生们对中国文化的理解。 针对性地为SAT&AP考试做准备。 2019 AP Chinese Exam Info: 1) Contact your school AP coordinator to register the exam. 2) AP Chinese Exam Date:|home&bannerId=cal|aps-calndr#examDate
Teacher Name:LiBai, ZhaoZhao 李白昭昭
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-699-3520    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/09/2023 Yes
09/16/2023 Yes
09/23/2023 Yes
09/30/2023 Yes
10/07/2023 Yes
10/14/2023 Yes
10/21/2023 Yes
11/04/2023 Yes
11/11/2023 Yes
11/18/2023 Yes
12/02/2023 Yes
12/09/2023 Yes
12/16/2023 Yes
No School: 10/28/2023(Fall Break),   11/25/2023(Thanksgiving Day)
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