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Class Name:Explore the beautiful art world 艺术启蒙
Class Room:128
Class Time:5:00-5:50 PM
Pre-requirement:$20 supply fee
Class Goal:With many years of art teaching experience, Ms.Sun’s specialty is stimulating students’ interest in learning! By using different teaching materials, she makes really close combinations of real life and art! Emphasize the role of knowledge and skills in helping students beautify their lives, so that students can understand the unique value of art in reality!
Teacher Name:Sun, Yi 孙艺
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-260-4549    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/09/2023 Yes
09/16/2023 Yes
09/23/2023 Yes
09/30/2023 Yes
10/07/2023 Yes
10/14/2023 Yes
10/21/2023 Yes
11/04/2023 Yes
11/11/2023 Yes
11/18/2023 Yes
12/02/2023 Yes
12/09/2023 Yes
12/16/2023 Yes
No School: 10/28/2023(Fall Break),   11/25/2023(Thanksgiving Day)
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