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Class Name:Martial Arts I 武术 I (kids)
Class Room:Back Hallway
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Class Goal:Instructor Owen is a certified black belt in Modern Arnis (Filipino Martial Arts, FMA), and Tang Soo Do, but also has broad exposure to various martial arts over his lifetime. Kid class will be focus on formal stances, striking & blocking, coordination, strength, focus and discpline building. Additional topics may cover bullying, harrassment, self defense, and safe submission options.
Teacher Name:TBD, TBD
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/09/2023 Yes
09/16/2023 Yes
09/23/2023 Yes
09/30/2023 Yes
10/07/2023 Yes
10/14/2023 Yes
10/21/2023 Yes
11/04/2023 Yes
11/11/2023 Yes
11/18/2023 Yes
12/02/2023 Yes
12/09/2023 Yes
12/16/2023 Yes
No School: 10/28/2023(Fall Break),   11/25/2023(Thanksgiving Day)
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