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Class Name:Intro. To Python Programming Python 编程 II
Class Room:703
Class Time:5:00-5:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Grade 4+
Textbook:No Textbook required. Students will complete python programming problems.
Class Goal:Teaching Plan: Python Programming II Target Audience: Students who have a foundation in Python programming basics or other programming languages such as Java, C#, etc. Course Requirements: Students are required to bring a fully charged Windows computer to the classroom. Download the latest Python app (IDLE) from the official website: Classroom Expectations: Active participation in discussions and programming exercises during class time. Prohibited activities during class include playing video games and accessing social media apps. Violations will be reported to school admins and parents. Students with multiple offenses (3+) will be removed from the class. Teaching Plan for Fall 2023: Weeks 1 and 2: Review of Python Basics: Data Types, Flow Control, Data Structures, Loops, Functions, and Classes/Objects. Weeks 3-6: Engaging Python Programming Examples: Examples include finding the value of Pi using Python and solving the Monkey Peach problem. Explore other interesting programming challenges. Midterm Assessment: Covers Python basics and some fun programming questions. Weeks 7-12: Hackerrank Python Problems: Students will solve programming problems on Hackerrank to enhance their skills. Emphasis on algorithmic problem-solving and efficient code implementation. ACSL Programming Questions: Introduce ACSL programming questions to further enhance problem-solving abilities. Week 13: Final Exam and Class Conclusion. Future Plan for Spring 2024: Continuation of ACSL and Hackerrank programming questions. Introduction of additional programming challenges and projects. Online Resources: Lecture notes, homework assignments, and quizzes/exams will be provided through Google Classroom. Students must access Google Classroom regularly to access course materials. Additional Requirement: Students are required to create an account on to complete programming exercises and challenges. Note: This teaching plan is subject to adjustments based on the progress and needs of the students throughout the course. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teaching Plan for Spring 2024 Week 1 Review Fall 2023 Notes. - ACSL questions - Hackerrank registration - Google classroom set up - Python IDLE set up - Class introduction - Warm up exercises Week 2-6 - Warm up exercises -Hackerrank problems Week 7 Review questions discussed in week 1-6 and prepare for midterm Week 8 Midterm Week 9 Midterm review Week 10 - 14 - Fun python programming questions. - ACSL competition questions Week 15 Review questions discussed in week 10-14 and prepare for midterm Week 16 Final Exam Week 17 Course Review
Teacher Name:Liang, Jun 梁军
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-636-5288    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/06/2024 Yes
01/20/2024 Yes
01/27/2024 Yes
02/03/2024 Yes
02/17/2024 Yes
02/24/2024 Yes
03/02/2024 Yes
03/09/2024 Yes
03/16/2024 Yes
03/23/2024 Yes
04/13/2024 Yes
04/20/2024 Yes
04/27/2024 Yes
05/04/2024 Yes
05/11/2024 Yes
05/18/2024 Yes
06/01/2024 Yes
06/08/2024 Yes
No School: 01/13/2024(MLK Holiday),   02/10/2024(Spring Festival Celebration),   03/30/2024(Spring break),   04/06/2024(Spring break),   05/25/2024(Memborial Day)
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