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Class Name:Next Level Math Mastery AMC 10+
Class Room:832
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Class Goal:The teachers are Wang, Henry and Yang, Leo. We will be covering the basic topics of all competition math: ● Algebra ● Geometry ● Number Theory ● Probability ● Proofs There will be a focus towards introductory proofs near the end of the class. These will help prepare you to win high school math competitions (ARML, Duke Math Meet, Stanford Math Tournament), which places more emphasis on proofs. Grading policy: 10% attendance - Can miss two classes to achieve full credit or with valid excuse 20% homework - Graded based on effort shown, not on accuracy 30% midterm 40% final 10% extra credit - These are graded on accuracy and effort Tournament - Participation and winners of the tournament may receive extra credit
Teacher Name:Wang, Henry
Teacher Contact Info:Phone:    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
01/06/2024 Yes
01/20/2024 Yes
01/27/2024 Yes
02/03/2024 Yes
02/17/2024 Yes
02/24/2024 Yes
03/02/2024 Yes
03/09/2024 Yes
03/16/2024 Yes
03/23/2024 Yes
04/13/2024 Yes
04/20/2024 Yes
04/27/2024 Yes
05/04/2024 Yes
05/11/2024 Yes
05/18/2024 Yes
06/01/2024 Yes
No School: 01/13/2024(MLK Holiday),   02/10/2024(Spring Festival Celebration),   03/30/2024(Spring break),   04/06/2024(Spring break),   05/25/2024(Memborial Day)
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