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中文学校的围棋老师安晨和围棋班助教苏于翔参加了9月28日的北卡州围棋冠军赛。 安晨老师蝉联了北卡州围棋总冠军,而苏于翔助教获得了D组并列冠军。恭喜安老师和苏助教为教堂山中文学校争光!

Posted on 10/14/2019 02:08 PM
Friday Mid Autumn Festival Event (中秋庆祝活动)
We are looking forward to seeing you during the Mid Autumn Festival celebration event, sponsored by our school. The location is at Chapel Hill Community Park on Estes drive.

- We encourage more high school students to volunteer at the event. Currently, we still need people to help us to set up the event. CSCH can approve service learning hours upon requests.

- If you, or your kids want to perform for the event, please send me the details before Sep 10, 2019. We may be able to arrange the performance.

- Feel free to share the flyer with your friends, colleagues, or neighbors to join the event, since it is a free event for the public.

大家好。 我们希望在周五的仲秋佳节庆祝活动中看到大家。中文学校举办的这次活动位于教堂山的社区公园(位于University Mall 附近)

- 我们目前还需要志愿者来帮助我们的活动。特别是高中生来参加这次活动。活动场地的布置还需要人手。高中生可以得到服务小时。

- 如果你或你的孩子有才艺表演,请和学校联系。(在9/10之前)。学校有可能安排。

- 如果你能参加这次活动,请点击下面的链接注册。如有困难,请发邮件给我。我可以帮忙。

- 欢迎大家将这次活动的海报与你的同事,朋友,邻居分享。这次活动欢迎所有这个社区的人参加。
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Posted on 09/08/2019 04:35 PM

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