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CSCH 2017 Moon Festival Potluck Picnic
Hi Everyone,

This is to invite you and your family to join the Potluck Picnic observing the Moon Festival held by Chinese School at Chapel Hill (CSCH). Please fill in the signup sheet as below before Sep 23. Also please find volunteer signup at the bottom of Pockluck tab.

Picnic (Potluck):

Time: 11:30am-2pm. Oct 1st, 2017, Sunday

Place: Hank Anderson Community Park, Pavilion 1, Chapel Hill

Hope to see you all.

Best Regards,


Posted on 09/15/2017 11:56 PM
CSCH Weekly 9/16/2017
Hello CSCH Families,

CSCH resume classes on 2pm this coming Saturday. This week is the last free trial week.

We got complaints from Philip middle school about their teacher supplies being moved or used. We are currently working with Philip to resolve this issue. Please educate our student to follow our school policy.

There are a few classroom changes. Please following the latest classroom assignment or teachers' email.,8&MenuTitle=Teachers+%26+Classes.

Chinese Puzzle Game class will switch to 5:00-5:50PM. Welcome to try and register

Upcoming events:

9/16, 4-5pm, College Application Essays (seminar, by Amy Kaufman Burk, Room 008) Dr. Amy Kaufman Burk is an author and blogger, with two novels available on Amazon ( She is also a writing coach for college application essays. She is available for individual consultation with students, consultations with small groups of students and parents, speaking engagements about writing college application essays, and writing workshops for adults. In addition, Amy collaborates with teachers and professors who include her writing in their curricula. Amy graduated from Yale University, cum laude, with distinction in the psychology major. She has a Masters Degree in Health and Medical Sciences from U.C. Berkeley, and a Doctorate of Mental Health from U.C. San Francisco. Before her career as an author, Amy was a psychotherapist for over 25 years.

9/30, 2:15-3:30pm, Meet town council candidates (forum, by Rose Wang, Youth leadership Council President, Room 008)

10/1, 11:00am-4:pm, Mid-Autumn picnic (potluck, mooncake savoring, Hank Anderson Park, Pavillon 1)

10/14, 2:15-3:30pm, Meet board of education candidates (forum, by Rose Wang, Youth leadership Council President, Room 008)

We are looking forward to seeing you all on this Saturday!

CSCH Admin
Posted on 09/14/2017 09:13 AM
CSCH Weekly 9/9/17
Hello CSCH Families,

We are so excited that our Chinese school will start the Fall semester this coming weekend. You are welcome to bring friends to try our classes for free in the first two weeks.

2pm, Sep 9, Saturday

Guy B. Phillips Middle School, 606 N. Estes Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Thanks Jingfan for the coordination with CHCCS school district.

Parking : Two parking lots at Philips, both of which have the access to the entrance of the building.

Parent meeting : please follow class emails. Usually 15-30 mins before class begins.

School info sessions : 2:15 and 4:15 at Room 020.

School calendar and admin-on-duty :,6&MenuTitle=Calendar+%26+Events. Thanks to PTA Chair Piyou.

Class, Teacher, Room # :,8&MenuTitle=Teachers+%26+Classes. Thanks to Chinese director Yaoli and Activity director Minfu for looking for teachers during summer. Thanks to Vice Principal Jun and webmaster Wenli for assigning classrooms and updating our website.

Building layout :

Administration contact info :

Parent lounge : Room 021.

A few words on Chinese education:

新课:1. 中国社会简介,适合三年级及以上学生

2. 中国古诗欣赏,适合二年级及以上学生


We are looking forward to seeing you all on this Saturday!

CSCH Admin
Posted on 09/07/2017 09:37 AM
Chapel Hill中文学校秋季新开课程通知及注册折扣

基于课程调查的结果, Chapel Hill中文学校将于今年秋季开设新的课程“中国诗词鉴赏” (The Art of Chinese Traditional Poems)。这门课程旨在帮助孩子们了解中华文化这座巨大的宝库,帮助他们体会中华文化的美,激发对中华文化的热爱。我们希望通过这门课程帮助孩子们去打开一扇了解中华文化的大门,让孩子们从中华诗词学习中汲取营养,涵养心灵,提高文学修养,也可更深入地了解中国历史和文化。这门课程将以讲故事的方式,将一些优秀的中华诗词介绍孩子们。

Chapel Hill中文学校将给予最近两周内注册新开设的这门课程的家长$10折扣,希望家长们踊跃注册新开设课程。“中国诗词鉴赏” (The Art of Chinese Traditional Poems)课程介绍附后。


Chapel Hill中文学校

附:中国诗词鉴赏(The Art of Chinese Traditional Poems)课程简介:

中国诗词文化源远流长,溢彩流芳。 从诗经风雅颂到秦汉诗赋,从魏晋风骨到唐诗宋词元曲,从旧体诗到近现代新体诗,中华诗词伴随着悠久绵长的华夏文明, 蕴含着中华民族的的智慧和情怀。可以说,中国就是个诗的国度,中华文化就浸透于诗词之中。让国外成长的孩子学习中华诗词,可以让他们从中华诗词中汲取营养,涵养心灵,提高文学修养,也可更深入地了解中国历史和文化。



Posted on 08/26/2017 10:50 PM

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