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AP Summer Program - AP Physics C, 1,2 / World History / Psyc / Lang / Stat: 7/27 - 7/31
Hello All,

We had successfully completed one AP program on Jul 24, AP Environmental Science (Thanks for Luke Ni!).

CSCH Tutor club will offer a lot more before July ends.

--- AP Physics C, Jul 27 - Jul 28, 10AM - 11:30AM

--- AP Word history, Jul 29, 8PM - 9PM (or 9:30PM)

--- AP Physics 1,2, Jul 30, 2PM-3PM

--- AP Psychology, Jul 30, 7PM - 8PM

--- AP Language, Jul 30, 8PM - 9PM

--- AP statistics, Jul 31, 8PM - 10PM

Please help pass the words around and support our students club by joining AP Physics C on Jul 27 10-11:30AM thru the following zoom link: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/8395040793?pwd=UmlOSFlBaVlBZldLMlgyTWVneitQUT09

Meeting ID: 839 504 0793

Passcode: cschap717

AP Program Signup Flyer

AP Summer Program SignUp Form

Here is the calendar of the AP Program
Posted on 07/26/2022 11:41 PM
CSCH AP Summer Program SIGNUP - First Program on Jul 24
The first AP Program, AP Environmental Science, will be on 2PM, Jul 24.

Please join and support!
AP Summer Program SignUp Flyer

AP Summer Program SignUp Form
Posted on 07/19/2022 10:56 PM
Early Registration Ends at Jun 21st / 提前注册于6月21日结束
Early registration closes on June 21st. Parents, please complete the online registration before tomorrow, print out the registration page, and send it to our school together with the check, which must be mailed before June 21. The postmark shall prevail. You can continue to register after tomorrow, but you will not be able to enjoy the discounted tuition fee. If you have any questions/problems about registration, please feel free to email: admin@csch-nc.org.

秋天,我们将回到学校Smith Middle School。提前注册将于 6 月 21 日结束。请各位家长在明天之前完成网上注册,打印出注册页,连同支票,寄到我们学校,必须在6月21日之前寄出。以邮戳为准. 明天以后可以继续注册,只是不能享受学费的打折价格。如果您对注册有任何疑问/问题,请随时发送电子邮件至:admin@csch-nc.org。明天是我们学校早期注册打折的最后一天 (6/21)。请各位家长在明天之前完成网上注册,打印出注册页,连同支票,寄到我们学校。
Posted on 06/20/2022 10:07 PM
Early Registration for 2022 Fall Semester Starts on Jun 1st and Ends on Jun 21st
Jun 1st will be the first day of early registration for the Fall Semester in Smith School School. Early registration will end on 6/21.
Posted on 05/31/2022 11:26 PM
2022 Summer ACT Class Registration Due 5/31
This class is specially designed by CSCH and our SAT teacher, Leah Kocian, for students who would like to take ACT this coming Sep 10. Whether or not you would like to take the ACT on this date, this class will provide a great learning opportunity.

This ACT Sprint class will be every Sat, 3:40PM - 4:30PM, starting from 6/11 - 8/13. The class will open with 8 students, max. 12

This class registration is due on 5/31.
Registration form (more details in the form):
Posted on 05/30/2022 09:52 AM
2022 High School Graduate Seminar - May 29 8:00PM
High School Graduates Experience Sharing / 高中毕业生经验分享

CSCH invites eight chapel hill 2022 High School Graduates to share their experience, e.g. their learning curves, lessons learned, how to prepare for high school and college, how to handle extracurricular activities / volunteer / after-school clubs and more. CSCH 计划在阵亡将士纪念日周末的一个晚上邀请我们的高中毕业生分享他们在高中、班级规划和大学申请方面的经验。

OPEN TO PUBLIC / 欢迎所有人参加

Venue - Zoom Online / 线上会议 ZOOM

Time 5/29/2022 8 - 9:30PM / 时间 5/29 晚8-9:30

In order to help our guest speakers prepare ahead, please send in your questions ahead.

Here is the form: https://forms.gle/2WmzFiBqMCMd3gnE6


Please share this with whoever is interested in this. 欢迎大家分享这个信息给周围的朋友。
2022 High School Graduate Seminar Poster
Posted on 05/28/2022 09:32 PM
CSCH Summer ACT Sprint Class (Sat) - Registration Info! Please Read!
This class is specially designed by CSCH and our SAT teacher, Leah Kocian, for students who would like to take ACT this coming Sep 10. Regular registration deadline for ACT Test is Aug 5.

This ACT Sprint class will be every Sat, 3:40PM - 4:30PM, starting from

Sat, Jun 11, 22

Sat, Jun 18, 22

Sat, Jun 25, 22

Sat, Jul 2, 22

Sat, Jul 9, 22

Sat, Jul 16, 22

Sat, Jul 23, 22

Sat, Jul 30, 22

Sat, Aug 6, 22

Sat, Aug 13, 22

Venue: ZOOM

Tuition: $120

Registration Fee: $10. However waived if tuition paid on or before 5/31, 2022. (If postmarked on or before 5/31/2022.)

Please make a note on the check memo (1) Student Name; (2) ACT

Mailing address for sending tuition checks: Chinese School at Chapel Hill, P.O. Box 3214, Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Please fill in this form entirely and mail out your tuition check ($120) by May 31, 2022, or ($130) by Jun 4, 2022, to complete the registration.
2022 CSCH Summer ACT Spring Class (Sat) Registration
Posted on 05/19/2022 10:55 PM

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