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The Chinese school at Chapel Hill has minimum dates per year policy as 28 days/year. Classes are subject to cancellation due to snow, other severe weather conditions or unexpected events.

Year 2017-2018 Fall - CSCH Calendar        Admin-on-duty Check List
Week #DateEventAdmin-on-dutyNote
1505/20/2017All classesZhu Ying
Luo Lei
05/27/2017No class
Memorial Day School-wide Annual Picnic, Activities & Camping overnights
1606/03/2017All classesLuo Lei
Wan Qun
Last day of 2017 spring semester
09/02/2017No class
Last day for 100% refund without drop fee. Labor Day Weekend
109/09/2017All classesWan Qun
Zhang Piyou
1st day of Chinese School
209/16/2017All classesZhang Piyou
Gu Lin
Last week for 100% refund with drop fee charged
309/23/2017All classesChen Huina
Zhu Ying
No refund from this date
409/30/2017All classesZhu Ying
Yang Qingsong
510/07/2017All classesYang Qingsong
Yuan Zhenhua
610/14/2017All classesYang Qingsong
Yuan Zhenhua
710/21/2017All classesYuan Zhenhua
Yin Shang
810/28/2017All classesYin Shang
Shan Lin
911/04/2017All classesShan Lin
Li Zhiyong
1011/11/2017All classesGu Lin
Wei Honghong
1111/18/2017All classesWei Honghong
Zhan Hong
11/25/2017No classes
1212/02/2017All classesZhan Hong
Xie Weihua
2018 Spring Semester Registration Starting Day
1312/09/2017All classesXie Weihua
Wan Qun
1412/16/2017All classesXie Weihua
Wan Qun
Last day of Fall Semester

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